Dragon Art X6 Wireless Rechargeable Rotary Pen Machine

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About the product
  • Wireless Rechargeable Dragon Art X6 Rotary Tattoo Pen
  • Package included 1 x6 Cartridge Rotary Pen Machine, 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs, Machine holder, Wall plug, USB cord for battery and USB cable for pen machine
  • Adjustable 4mm needle depth by twisting the front part of the pen
  • X6 Pen Stops When Placed on Holder and Starts Back up When Removed from Holder 


Product description

No Power Supply, Clip Cord, or No Foot Switch Needed! Dragon Art's X6 Wireless Rechargeable Cartridges Rotary Pen (Tattoo Machine) can do it all. The X6 Pen has Voltage Adjustment Setting- Starts at 5000 RPM with a total of 8 cycles. The X6 comes with 2 battery packs that takes approx 40 minutes to fully charge from completely drain. At it full charge battery last between 4-5 hours of continuously usage. both battery dead? just simply connect the cord to the machine and connect it with the USB wall charger and keep tattooing. Adjustable needle depth by simply twisting the front part of the pen it can adjust 4mm needle depth. the X6 comes with a Holder/mount when you take a rest or answer a call just place your machine on the holder while it is running, once placed on the holder, the machine will pause. Once you pick up the machine again, it will resume to running as your per set. the X6 Pen will automatically shut off after being placed on its holder for over 5 minutes.

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