Atomic Cartridge Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine

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About the product
  • New Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
  • Color: Matte Bronze Rotary Machine
  • Wight: 4.28 oz
  • Length: 5 inch
  • Grip size: 1 inch
Product description

The Atomic Pen is the new version cartridge machine designed, developed, and tested by artists The imported motor guarantees reliability and quiet operation. Each machines are made using the world's top material. Low noise, long-lasting stability Space aluminum shell, lightweight only 4.28 oz -Operating Voltage: 7 – 15 V DC -Rpm range Stitches / Sec: 12V-8000 rpm / min 8-800 / sec -Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.5 mm -Length of the stroke: 3.5 mm. -Power Input: 15 V Switch frequency: 55-165 Hz. -Needle Stroke adjustment : 0 - 4.00 mm. -Length of the stroke: 3.5 mm -Product included: 1x Machine, 1x Premium lightweight Machine Power Cord