Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply

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About the product
  • P054 Pro Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply
  • LCD Display / Built in magnet for easy mount on metal surface
  • 110-240v for Worldwide usage, 0-18V user selectable voltage
  • Easy Control, Lightweight, Smooth Current
  • Build in Foot-Switch mode

 Product description

This new P054 tattoo power supply has turn a knob for easy voltage adjustments, digital voltage display, and continuous pedal mode. This magnetic power supply contains a built in magnet for easy mount on metal surface. The base of the power supply has a nonskid material, simply place the power supply on flat surface and have no worry of your power supply sliding around on the table. This power supply has a continuous pedal mode built in, which acts as a on and off switch for your foot pedal instead of having to press on the foot pedal constantly. To turn on the continuous pedal mode, press the turn knob once, a red light indicator will turn on next to the knob, this indicates the continuous pedal mode is on. To use this feature, tap on your foot pedal once, and it will stay on. Tap once again to turn off the pedal. Press the knob to turn off the continuous pedal mode.