Dragon Art TK-03 Complete Tattoo Kit: 3 Machines, 1 Power Supply, Tattoo Ink

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Note: the design of the machines in the kit is random and may differ from the picture.

The kit including:
3 x Tattoo Machine
1 x Power Supply
1x Stainless steel foot pedal / Clip cord
15 x 5ml Tattoo Ink 
1 x Ink Caps Holder
1 x Tattoo Practice Skin
50 x Tattoo Ink cups (Small)
50 x Tattoo Ink cups (Medium)
25 x Machine O-Rings
25 x Colored Nipples
25 x Rubber Band
1 x Adjustable Tool Kit with other attachment
20 x Sterile Needles 3,5RL / 5,7M1 (5 each)
2 x Tattoo Machine Grips / Barrels
2 x Stainless Steel Tips (3R, 5Mag)